Nominate what Peekers should I do next

Nominate what Peekers should I do next

It is not 100% guaranteed that I will do them, but it will help me to have an idea of what to do next.

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Firefly from honkai star rail


Shangri-La Frontier: Wethermon and Setsuna❤️✨️


Amari Watanabe from More than a married couple but not lovers <3


Can we please get Astarion from BG3??

Everlynn Morningstar

Kurukuru and Hitotsume from Eve’s “Dramaturgy” MV would be amazing. Honestly any of Eve’s characters from his MVs would be amazing. Check out the Zingai characters and watch his MVs (inochi no tabekata, dramaturgy, yuseiboushi, shinkai, kororon, or taikutsu saien shinaide are great MV’s to check out for their characters). Anyway Eve’s characters are iconic and I would buy any and every one that you make.


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