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Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

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Hi!! Thank you for checking my Peeker stickers. My fanart inspired in multiple existing and original characters.

Size: 5 inches height 

Installation: Clean the surface with 70% Alcohol ONLY, any other window cleaner such as Windex will deteriorate any sticker adhesive.

Waterproof Material 2-4 years durability

Peeling warranty up to 6 months

Customer Service: (Monday-Friday)

My YouTube Channel:

Usability: My stickers can be used in any flat and smooth surface as long is cleaning properly <3

Products shipped from the U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

I love these peekers! I bought 8 for my car in doubles because I think they are of a very well made quality and the color vibrancy last a long time. I bought some 2 years ago to go with my new car & the only reason I had to replace them was because of the glue starting to slip out of the back. That said my car is outside in all kinds of weather not inside of a garage. So 5 out 5 & definitely would recommend to anyone.

Ricardo Mendez
Loving it

solid color, feels premium. Love it

Clifton Brown

Goblin Slayer


Cool sticker

Maximillian Molina
Didn't receive them

Would love to give thoughts on peeker but we're still working through whatever your process is on replaceing them since mine we're stolen from my mail box after delivery.