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Hi!! Thank you for checking my Peeker stickers. My fanart inspired in multiple existing and original characters.

Size: 5 inches height 

Installation: Clean the surface with 70% Alcohol ONLY, any other window cleaner such as Windex will deteriorate any sticker adhesive.

Waterproof Material 2-4 years durability

Peeling warranty up to 6 months

Customer Service: info@sukawaii.com (Monday-Friday)

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6pzy0T-o7mRtYB3quDCOw

Usability: My stickers can be used in any flat and smooth surface as long is cleaning properly <3

Products shipped from the U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Madalyn Johnson

I love him very much but sadly he hasn’t lasted a year and is peeling off and cracking like my Dabi one. I’ll have to buy another one and try again. 😅

Tess S.
He's a Keeper

Hawks was easy to apply to my car and it looks great against my car's blue. Product has held up against various types of inclement weather so far. Very satisfied with my Peeker.

Vibrate and Cute

I really love this Hawks sticker! He's adorable and the colors are vibrant! I absolutely love this and would recommend buying for Hawks fans!

Dawn Stanczak

I order quite a bit from SuKawaii and have never had an issue. Always such amazing quality. I honestly thought from the second I put this on someone was going to steal it 😂

Michael Yeha
Didn’t stick welll

Stickers wouldn’t stick well too the window of my vehicle even when I clean my window. Most likely will fall after a while

Hello Michael,

Im sorry you have issues with the install. <3 We can offer a replacement under our 6 month warranty.