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Hi!! Thank you for checking my Peeker stickers. My fanart inspired in multiple existing and original characters.

Size: 5 inches height 

Installation: Clean the surface with 70% Alcohol ONLY, any other window cleaner such as Windex will deteriorate any sticker adhesive.

Waterproof Material 2-4 years durability

Peeling warranty up to 6 months

Customer Service: info@sukawaii.com (Monday-Friday)

My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm6pzy0T-o7mRtYB3quDCOw

Usability: My stickers can be used in any flat and smooth surface as long is cleaning properly <3

Products shipped from the U.S.A.

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Customer Reviews

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Edit: Customer Service Is Wonderful!

Edit: SuKawaii reached out to me directly and chose to send me replacement peekers! I really appreciate their awsome customer service, my peekers were actually outside of their 6 month warranty when I noticed the peeling but SuKawaii chose to send me replacements regardless (: I hope these ones will stay better, I really look forward to getting them back onto my car. I bought 20 peekers from them at a con last year, I really like SuKawaii's stickers <3
Original: I am sad that I have to replace not only this peeker but also my Alucard peeker as well The graphic has separated from the adhesive and is now peeling off of my car (adhesive still on my window, so, at least that's good I guess) But it has been less than a year for this peeker and it's coming off my car