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Sister Slap

Sister Slap

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3 by 8 Slaps 

Regular vinyl with air channel 

Gloss Finish

Warranty up to 6 months

Lamination is meant to last 2-3 years

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Customer Reviews

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Peng Xiong

I have yet to receive them. Ordered them on Jan 22nd. USPS received the package in their system on Feb 1st. It is still in transit today on Feb 10th. Yes I did select the free shipping since the order was over 30 dollars. I do live in the US. Yet somehow I feel like I can send you a hand written letter via USPS and that you would read it before I get my package.

Dont get me wrong. I have purchased from SuKawai before. The assets I have received before are in great quality. I just never knew that this order will take more then a month to get into my hands.

So just like the title says. IDK.

Update: Still dont think it should have taken over a week for USPS to have receive the package in their system. Would have been nice to know it there was a delay in the order. I will update again when I receive the asset.

Hi Peng,
I apologize for this and I hope you understand that Sukawaii is not responsible in anyway, shape or form for USPS logistics. The package was shipped on the 22nd and It has been in the postal office grid since then.